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Proudly Made & Manufactured in the USA

The Story

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"The Best Ideas Come From Solving Common Problems"

Commercial real estate owners constantly strive to maintain the look and integrity of their properties. The dumpster enclosures are the most overlooked area of a commercial property and the most likely to be damaged by the inevitable carelessness of others. Whenever a new property is developed, little attention is placed on protecting the surrounding walls of the dumpster enclosures as well as controlling the placement of the dumpster container on the site.

Many contractors have used the standard practice of installing bollards within the enclosures but not surprisingly, the enclosure walls are still being damaged. Needless and costly repairs inspire the idea of controlling the removal and replacement of these containers.

THE DUMPSTER GUARD® was developed for the purpose of “Taking Control Back”.

Engineered and patented, THE DUMPSTER GUARD® has been installed and tested at many franchise locations such as Starbucks, Ihop, Dunkin Donuts, and Party City. These locations have installed THE DUMPSTER GUARD® because of their excessive turnover of containers and the wear associated on their dumpster enclosures. In addition, our product has been installed in shopping centers both to protect the enclosures and provide control of the “floating containers”. This control is necessary to maintain the proper positioning of these containers during servicing.
THE DUMPSTER GUARD® has exceeded our expectations. We are proud to offer a product that is made in the USA.

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