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Why is The Dumpster Guard® better than other forms of enclosure protection?

Other forms of protection i.e. bollards or guard rails, will only provide partial protection of the walls because they do not control the angle and depth of the dumpster container when it is installed or placed back into the enclosure.

The Dumpster Guard® provides full dumpster protection of the three walls of the enclosure by controlling how the container is positioned within the enclosure during replacement. This prevents the driver from accidentally hitting the side walls and corners of the enclosure during the process.

The Dumpster Guard® also allows the “floating” containers to be controlled when placed in open parking areas. The other forms of dumpster protection cannot achieve the same results.

Does The Dumpster Guard® come in different sizes?

Yes, we recommend The Dumpster Guard® – Standard be used in a typical 10’x 10’ enclosure. This guard will handle up to an 8 yard container. For multiple containers, we offer The Dumpster Guard® – Expandable which will accommodate multiple containers up to 8 yards.

For containers four yards or less, we offer The Dumpster Guard® – Mini. The Mini is most commonly used for “floating” containers in open parking areas or alleys.

Is The Dumpster Guard® pre-painted?

Yes, The Dumpster Guard® is rust proofed, primed and then powder coated in iridescent safety yellow on all sides in our factory. Safety labels and logos are then applied.

Is the installation hardware included with the purchase of The Dumpster Guard®?

No, The Dumpster Guard® purchase includes the 5/8″ hardened bolts for assembly only. There are two types of installations. When purchasing at the SHOP tab, you will be prompted to select the type of installation: none or concrete. Only if you select “concrete,” the necessary bolts be included in the shipment. Choosing “none” requires the customer to purchase the bolts separately.

*For Asphalt Installation, please refer to Accessories: 3/4” x 12” galvanized rebar anchors for purchase.*

Are the optional plow markers necessary as seen in some of the pictures on the site?

No, the plow markers indicate the ends of “the guard” to passing motorists as well as exposing “the guard” in deep snow. The optional plow markers are not necessary if The Dumpster Guard® is housed in an enclosure.

We strongly recommend that the optional plow markers be purchased if The Dumpster Guard® is installed in an open parking lot or alley. During the purchasing process, there is a option to purchase the plow markers. They can also be ordered at a later time by accessing the Accessories option at the STORE tab on The Dumpster Guard® website.