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Congratulations on Taking Control Back!

THE DUMPSTER GUARD® is carefully packed, tightly sealed, shrink wrapped and shipped on a pallet by common carrier to all states in the Continental United States. The average installation time for THE DUMPSTER GUARD® – Standard is under one hour. An Installation Guide is included for the installer’s reference.

When installing THE DUMPSTER GUARD® in concrete, it is necessary to use 3/4″ x 4 1/4″ steel sleeve anchors.

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THE DUMPSTER GUARD® fits in a standard pickup truck.
THE DUMPSTER GUARD® fits in a standard pickup truck.

Installation Instructions

THE DUMPSTER GUARD® was designed to fit a typical 10′ x 10′ enclosure. If your enclosure is smaller, you can still install THE DUMPSTER GUARD®.

We recommend maintaining 12″ clearance.

  • Step

    Using a tape measure and pencil, measure the width of the enclosure. Divide measurement in half. Be sure to make marks at the front and the rear of the enclosure.

    Snap a line between these two marks. This is your “centerline” of the enclosure.

  • Step

    Using the “centerline,” measure from theback wall forward 10″ and make a mark.

    overhead diagram for tdg install
  • Step

    Starting at the 10″ mark, use the 3′ – 4′ – 5′ method for finding a 90* angle. Snap through the two points creating a line parallel to the back wall.

    cement floor diagram
  • Step

    Using the back of the base plates, install the rear frame of THE DUMPSTER GUARD® on the line parallel to the back wall and center on perpendicular line (“centerline”). Ensure label is facing forward.

    screwing down the dumpster guard in cememt
  • Step

    Drill (1) 3/4″ masonry hole in each base plate. Install sleeve anchors using the 10 lb. hammer. Snug using adjustable wrench. (See pictures above.)

    install tdg man with wrench
  • Step

    Install left and right side of the THE DUMPSTER GUARD® by attaching to the rear frame previously installed, using the (2) 5/8″ hardened carriage bolts provided.

  • Step

    Using the “centerline,” maintain equal measurements to the base plates.

    overhead tdg diagram
  • Step

    Starting with the front most base plates, drill (1) 3/4” masonry hole in each and install sleeve anchors using 10 lb. hammer.

    Snug using adjustable wrench.

    overhead drill in cement man in white helmet
  • Step

    Proceed to drill and install (1) sleeve anchor in each base plate. Ensure to maintain equal measurements off of “centerline.”

    overhead man drilling in cememnt
  • Step

    Once each base plate of THE DUMPSTER GUARD® has been located and secured, continue installing the balance of the 3/4″ sleeve anchors and tighten. At this time, securely tighten all previously installed anchors and hardened 5/8″ carriage bolts.

That’s it!

THE DUMPSTER GUARD® is now installed and “Taking Control Back”.

Note: Plow markers (purchased separetly) are strongly recommended for guards installed in open areas! Install plow markers on left and right side front locations. Secure with 3/8″ hex bolts included.

Click here to view the diagram for the expandable layout installation.

For any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us for full support.

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